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What has my life come to 7 years ago
Just came to midget porn. What am I!?
Donald Pump 7 years ago
I see her all the time walking the streets of Oakland, very nice ass.
That Stoner Chick 6 years ago
I've orgasmed to this way too many times than I should have
yeah 6 years ago
She's hot
holy shit 8 years ago
sexiest midget ever, I would MARRY her
Nunyahbusness 6 months ago
Wuda fuck da shit outta hur lil ass!!
123 3 years ago
Dante is like" im not even suppose to be here today"
@Jimmy 6 years ago
That shit cracked me up lol
oh my 7 years ago
Damn she has a pretty pussy and she fucked him good. I would love to fuck a sexy ass dwarf like her
Anymore movies of her? 1 year ago
Anymore movies of her?